Julie asked me, “How far is Hotel Lima from the Marbella Bus Station? Can walk from the bus station and how long would it take?

 My daughter and 4 of her friends are coming out to Marbella in the summer. I booked their flight for them yesterday and so I am now helping them to book a hotel.”

I replied, “Hi Julie, Thank you very much for checking in to  www.gomarbella.com   The Lima hotel seen here in the picture is about  25 minutes on foot from the Marbella bus station  pulling a suitcase.  It would be a pleasant walk down from the bus station but not if they are carrying luggage!

So I suggest they take a taxi from the Marbella bus station on their arrival. It would be a minimum Marbella taxi fare of around 10 euros. When they get here they will need two taxis for five travellers. The Marbella taxis only carry four passengers. 

The Hotel Lima is undergoing a big renovation right now in 2020.  It’  really well situated, near the beach with any number of great restaurants all around and so they won’t have to go far to find somewhere good to eat.   The Hotel Lima’s  location is fantastic and they can’t go wrong staying there.

I hope this helps you and I wish them a great stay. Please don’t hesitate to ask me for any help

Best wishes from Marbella Mike”


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