Friday, April 3, 2020

Question: How do I get to  Marbella by bus or taxi from Malaga train station? Should I arrange a transfer? Thank you Janet.

1) By Bus:  When you get to the Maria Zambrano train station in Malaga, as you come off the platforms into the arrivals area, turn left.  Walk 50metres or so and look for the exit to Malaga bus station on your right.  Malaga bus is station is just over the road outside the train station building. You can buy your bus ticket online to Marbella before you travel or from the Malaga bus station ticket office. I suggest that you choose the Express or Directo service. These buses travel directly from Malaga bus station to Marbella bus station with no stops in between taking only 50 minutes compared with one hour 30 minutes on the normal service. You’ll see over 20 buses leaving during the day for Marbella. If you have an hour or so wait for for your Direct services and are not in a hurry then enjoy a bit of shopping or a coffee back in the train station while you wait. Check which platform you bus is leaving from before coming back into the train station. If you don’t mind a bit of scenic travel then take any of the slower buses and you’ll get a good look at the towns and bus stops between Malaga and Marbella.

Once you get to Marbella bus station, treat yourself to a taxi from the stop outside down to the hotel Don Pepe and arrive in style. It’ll be a minimum taxi fare.

2) By Taxi: Unless you are wanting to do things in style all the way and looking for a scented limo Janet don’t bother to prearrange a transfer. Just walk straight out of the Malaga station and the taxis will be waiting right in front. They will be very excited to have a fare all the way to Marbella. The fares are metered. Your taxi driver may offer you the toll road which will add to your fare. More noticeably in summer.  Check before starting off if you like. I would estimate at time of writing (2018) €75from the train station to the Hotel Don Pepe if you travel before 10pm on a weekday or €95 after 10pm and over the weekend or public holidays.