“Hi Mike, I’m arriving at Malaga Airport at 6.30pm Can I get a bus from Malaga bus station to La Linea next to  Gibraltar? Thanks Jak”

I replied, “Hi Jak, Thank you very much for writing in. You could be out of luck with your arrival  time  to catch the direct bus to La Linea from the airport.  To get to Malaga bus station to start your journey to La Linea take a bus or train from Malaga airport to the  bus station.

From Malaga airport there are two buses every hour. It’s the Malaga City Line A Express and takes 30 minutes. You can also travel from Malaga airport train station to  the Maria Zambrano train station in Malaga. It’s right next to the bus station. There are three trains every hour and it’s an eight minute journey. Rather than wait for a bus,  take the next train!

You can also travel to Gibraltar by taking  the Malaga airport to Marbella bus station shuttle bus and then a bus to La Linea de la Concepción.  That would mean two buses. Travelling from Malaga bus station to La Linea will only be one journey.

If you are not in a hurry to get there, you could have a night out in Marbella and then carry on your journey the next day on the bus.

The good news is that on your way back from Gibraltar to the airport, you can use buses all the way. Do the journey in reverse and take the bus from Linea bus station to Marbella bus station. Then the shuttle bus to the airport and you’ll arrive in good time for your evening flight.

Please write back if you have any doubts and if a night in Marbella sounds attractive, I’ll recommend you a really good, economical hotel. Thanks again for writing in Jak, I do hope this helps you.  Mike”

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  1. Yes I think the quote from Malaga Transport is reasonable and you are not being taken advantage of and it will work out cheaper than the two taxis which would be needed to move your party. The convenience of having a pre-booked arrangement is also a big plus. Perhaps if you paid one leg in advance that would show the company your good faith and then pay the driver in cash for the return journey. Or cash both ways if they are happy with that. What to see? Do visit the Casco Viejo (Old Town) which is just opposite the Parque Alameda that I talked about and then make your way down to the Puerto Deportivo, 10 minutes stroll from where you will pick up the jet boat which will be great fun! The beaches are very safe for young children so build in some swimming time and there are also excellent restaurants right down on the beach where you can eat and keep an eye on the children. From the Puerto Deportivo you can take a catamaran to Puerto Banus, 30 minutes, which is sedate compared to the jet boat but an enjoyable trip and you have a drink on board. Have a look around Puerto Banus, a great place to see and be seen and then perhaps be picked up there for the trip back. Take lots of sun cream and bottles of water for the children. We do have favourite restaurants but finding them would take precious time from your day. I think the Old Town, jet boat, a meal along the Paseo and then a catamaran to Puerto Banus followed by a look around there then your pick up would make a full and enjoyable day's outing. Let me know how it goes if you have time and especially how efficient Malaga Transport are then I can recommend them to other travellers. Have a lot of fun!

  2. Thanks for the advice, Mike.
    I just have one more question for you:
    We are 4 adults and 3 small children. Is the estimate of 110Euros that you gave me for a taxi for 4 people? Malaga Transport offered to take us all in a "people Mover" from the border to Marbella, at a preset time, and return us from Marbella to the border for 180 Euros each way. Is this an appropriate quote? Are there more reasonable taxis? Would it make sense to reserve (and pay in full) in advance to secure the rides?
    We are all very excited to visit Marbella and have already reserved the jetboat in Marbella at 11:30AM. Are there any other activities, sights, or restaurants that you would recommend to us?
    Thanks again for all of your help.

  3. Hi Babygiver, I can understand you not wanting to visit the apes a second time and thank you for considering the charms of Marbella instead. It’s very simple. Take a taxi from the boat to the frontier to save time. It’s walkable but a taxi is quicker. You will need a passport at the border. With an EU passport you can leave and re-enter Gibraltar with no difficulty. Please consult your purser if you have a different passport. Walk through the pedestrian exit and immediately outside the border is a covered taxi stand. These are now Spanish taxis and they will be delighted to have a good fare. I’m guessing but it could be in the region of €110 one way. You would ask for Marbella Centro which is basically the Parque Alameda, a shady park in the middle of Marbella and a great place to explore from. For the return journey you would pick up a taxi from either side of the Parque Alameda. You could do the return journey by bus if the boat is not leaving the same evening but a taxi is more comfortable. Curiously my wife and I were in La Linea the border town with Gibraltar just yesterday and the journey took us sixty minutes. Please feel free to ask any more questions, I’ll be pleased to help. Best wishes and enjoy your visit to Marbella, Mike

  4. Hi. I'm actually interested in the opposite. Our cruise ship will be stopping in Gibraltar and after being there last year, waiting in the forever line at 110 degrees heat, and dealing with the smelly apes, we decided to spend the day in Marbella. So what is the easiest way to get to Marbella from the dock in the morning and return in the late afternoon? How much would a taxi cost and will they bring us from the dock past the border to Marbella and back again? Do we need passports at the border? Can you give me some names of reputable taxis that I can contact through the internet. Any info you have on making this trip would be most appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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