This is the tunnel in Malaga airport where the rental car and off-site long term parking companies pick up their incoming clients in their courtesy shuttle buses.  To find your shuttle bus, when you walk into Arrivals  turn right out of the building and then right again. if you have to phone the company then this is the best moment to do it. Otherwise you could phone and then find yourself waiting for your luggage.

You’ll see a long row of taxis waiting to your left. Keep walking along the pavement. It’ll be noisy with suitcases and trolleys rattling everywhere. You’ll walk past the dark tinted luxury VIP transfer vehicles and almost at the end of the tunnel you’ll see the Shuttle-Bus and Courtesy bus stop. Keep a sharp look out for your bus and then wave to your driver. In minutes your cases will be in the back of the the shuttle bus and you’ll be off to collect your car.

Believe it or not I took this picture at 20 past midnight early in July a few days ago. The airport was heaving. By the way I always use Parking Sur for my long term parking.



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