A Gomarbella car hire client wrote in to ask about returning a car to Marbesol Car Hire at Malaga airport and the cost of refilling the tank.

On Sunday evening I was at Malaga airport collecting my wife from the airport and so I popped into the Marbesol office and asked them about their fuel return policy.

Basically the car renter must return the car with as least as much fuel as was in the tank at the time of collection. So when a car is returned with a half full tank, that’s how it will be passed to the next client. The fuel gauge is checked when the car is collected and again on return.

If there is more fuel in the tank on return, there is no refund and if it is short, then there is a charge for topping it up to the original level. It seems a fair system to me. I always wonder how much fuel gets “lost” up the fuel tank neck when I have to return a hire car with the tank full. There is a filling station 100m from the Marbesol offices at Malaga airport which makes it very easy to top up when returning a car.

I checked fuel prices last night 1/9/09 at the BP station next door to Marbesol:

Diesel Plus 0.838 € litre
Ultimate diesel 0.898 € litre
Euro Super petrol 9.887 € litre
Ultimate petrol 1.00 € litre

The upside of the slowdown here in Spain is that fuel prices have nearly all dropped below the €1 for 1 litre mark. I went to the Algarve the weekend before and filling the tank with fuel was a lot cheaper than in the summer of 2008.

With the filling station and lots of self service fuel pumps right next door to Marbelsol it makes it very easy to do a quick top up, check the fuel gauge and put a drop more in if necessary.

Check across on a later blog if you need information about where to collect the Marbesol rental car at Malaga airport

Regarding the question as to whether it is always Marbesol that is selected, the www.gomarbella.com car hire engine selects the company that offers the most competitive price based on the client’s selection of car, length of hire and point of pickup and return. Very often it is Marbesol. When I asked the staff why this was they said “Because we are the best!”

Let me know if I can do anything more for you regarding destinations, parking or driving experiences.


  1. Hi Andrew

    Thank you very much for your contact.

    I am in Porto right now, driving back to Marbella tomorrow Sunday so next week will make this a priority to check out.

    I am surprised at Marbesol changing their policy like that.

    Give me a few days to hear their side of things.

    Best wishes from Portugal Andrew, nice and warm here, slightly misty.


    Hi, My wife and I have an appartment in Marbella. We go out there 8-9 times a year for long weekends. We have been using Marbesol for over a year now. All the other car hire companys demand you pay for a full tank of fuel (at their price) so using Marbesol saves us a LOT of money.

    I am now horrified to find that Marbesols Terms and Conditions now state that you pay for a tank of fuel!!! No refund if you don't use it!!! I was only out there 2 weeks ago so has something changed?

    Pity, because Marbesol are brilliant with great service and fantastic helpful staff.

    I hope I am wrong about this, but if it is true then the best prices will be elsewhere.

    Andrew Lewis Young


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