A Gomarbella reader wrote in from the USA in June last year to ask about taxis at Malaga airport.  

Dave: “Hi, My parents & I are coming from U.S. to a condo in Fuengirola for a week. As there are 3 of us, do you recommend taking a taxi from the Malaga airport to Fuengirola? As opposed to paying for individual tickets for the train to Fuengirola and then bus to our condo? Thanks. I love your website! Dave”

Mike: “Hi Dave, Thank you very much for kind words, much appreciated. I have just phoned the Fuengirola taxi company Tel: + 34 952 47 10 00. The girl on duty said that by day the fare from Fuengirola centre (I said the Fuengirola bus station) to Malaga airport is €60. At night after 10pm and at weekends it is €65. The reciprocal fares as charged by the Malaga taxi drivers will be the same. All taxis have meters and are spotlessly clean.

If your parents are feeling a bit tired after the trip then a taxi from Malaga airport would be the way to go. On the way back and feeling refreshed, then the train from Fuengirola train station would be an alternative. You pick up the taxis right outside Arrivals. Best wishes from Marbella Mike”

Dave: “Mike, Thanks for looking into this for us. Because we will probably  be tired when we get there,  I think we’ll take the taxi from the airport. Dave”

In the picture above you’ll see the taxis lined up outside Arrivals. To the right of the taxis on the ground floor is the Malaga Airport Arrivals Hall in T3. The sliding Arrivals exit and entry doors are just out of the picture to the right. You can see the Departures level is on the first floor in the picture. . Check in takes place from inside the  T2 building on the left all the way from left to right into the T3 terminal on the right. Just ahead of the taxis to the left is ‘The Tunnel’ where  courtesy shuttle cars pickup their rental car clients and limos shuttle limos meet their VIP  clients. 

The Malaga Airport bus stop is almost below when I am standing, straight out from the Arrivals Hall across the open forecourt.


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