Carol wrote in this week: “Hi Mike, is there a direct public bus service from Malaga airport to Estepona? If not what is my best option arriving on a Sunday afternoon and how much will it cost me?  I wrote back to Carol saying: “It’s easy. First of all check the timetable of buses to   Estepona from Malaga airport here.

If you don’t see a direct bus to Estepona which suits your flight arrival time then follow my advice and book yourself on the airport bus from Malaga through to Marbella.

When you walk into the Arrivals Hall after collecting your luggage, turn right out of the far door in the picture above. The bus station is about 50 metres from the Arrivals Hall exit door.  Show the driver your printed bus ticket which you’ll get by pdf immediately after booking or have it ready on your phone. Enjoy the drive on the inland toll road to Marbella.

Then when you get to Marbella bus station after you get your luggage off the bus from the airport buy your ticket for Estepona from the ticket office in the Marbella bus station. There is an electronic board announcing departures in the departures hall and the board gives you the number of the bay where the bus is standing so you just look for the Estepona bus and also check on the windscreen before you get on. There are buses leaving every half an hour so your waiting time will be very short.   Best wishes from Marbella Carol and Paula and thanks again for your contact” Mike


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