Kim wrote in to ask: “We need help with a transfer from Malaga airport to Hotel La Villa Marbella please. Taxi transfer from Marbella has been quoted at 95 euros from Malaga. The bus looks good except we land at 10.10am so would have a longish wait. I would appreciate suggestions. Many thanks.”

I wrote back to Kim: “Hi Kim, how about this idea? Supposing you get your luggage reasonably quickly, you could head across to the Malaga airport train station and take the 10.34 or 11.04 or 11.34 train to Fuengirola train station. It’s only a couple of euros for the 35 minute journey.

From Fuengirola train station you could take a taxi to Marbella, you would have halved your taxi cost, or you can then catch a bus to Marbella from the Fuengirola bus station, there are two buses every hour and take a taxi from the Marbella bus station to La Villa Marbella. You can always fall back on the airport bus midday departure time if needs be.How does that sound? Watch out for your possessions on the train especially if it is full.”   

Kim replied and asked: “Hi Mike, thank you very much for your sound advice. It gives us some options. We would get a taxi at the airport if we are too tired. Can you tell us what the price should be if we don’t pre-book? Thanks again Kim.”

I replied, “Hi Kim, I have just phoned the local Marbella taxi company Tel: 95 277 44 88 and the girl gave me a price for a weekday morning from the centre of Marbella to Malaga airport of 70 euros and from the centre of Marbella to Fuengirola centre of 40 euros.


You will be travelling in the opposite direction but the prices will be approximately the same from Malaga airport to Marbella, on a weekday morning. Taxi fares on the Costa del Sol are very carefully controlled and are only increased once a year and all tariffs from every point on the coast are registered in a book which the taxi driver carries in the vehicle. You can check on the price when you get into the taxi or should you feel at the end of the journey that you have been overcharged for any reason, simply ask for a receipt and follow it up with the company later.

I contacted the manager of La Villa Marbella who explained to me that the transfer mentioned above is organized by the hotel. The driver meets the clients at the airport and brings them directly to the front door of the hotel in a Mercedes. Due to the unique position of La Villa in the old town of Marbella most guests are dropped by the Malaga airport taxis in the main street of the town, Avda. Ricardo Soriano some way from La Villa because the taxi drivers cannot manage the road system in Marbella’s old town. They then have to find their way pulling their suitcases. As he says “It is just a matter of more comfort and service.”   La Villa Marbella is a great place to stay and I am sure you will really enjoy it. Hope that helps you and thank you very much for writing to Gomarbella Mike”


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