Dave was flying in from Singapore and landing in Barcelona the following day. From there he was taking the train down to Malaga, arriving in the evening. He had a few questions about renting a car at the station and then getting to Marriotts Marbella Beach resort in his Malaga train station hire car.

How far is Malaga train station from Malaga airport?  

Malaga train station is approximately 13kms from Malaga airport. By car with little traffic you would do it in 20 minutes comfortably.  But Dave you won’t actually need to return to the train station after your holiday break. This is because all the hire car companies at the train station allow you to return a Malaga train station hire car to the airport. As you drive from Malaga train station to Marriott’s Marbella you’ll actually pass very close to the end of the runways at Malaga airport. The airport will be to your right.

What’s the best route from Malaga train station to Marriott’s Marbella?

Your GPS may offer you two routes, the A7 coastal road with no tolls or the slightly longer shorter route using part of the AP7 toll road.   My recommendation is that travelling at night you should take the A7 coastal road. The AP7 route is 49kms and the A7 is 55kms. The second is slightly longer but an easier drive.  

Must I pay a ticket leaving in a Malaga train station hire car?

You’ll be given a ticket to leave the rental car collection parking which is under the train station or the boom will lift automatically

How do I fill up in gas stations in Spain, is it self-service or there is an operator?

About 95% of the gas stations in the province of Málaga are self-service. Be careful when you are putting petrol in. Gasolina is petrol. Gasoleo or gasoil is diesel.  Your tank will be full. When putting in fuel after 10pm at night, most fuel pumps in Spain are Prepago. This means prepayment. Park next to the pump then walk across to to tell the cashier how much you want to put in. Tell the cashier if it’s gasolina or gasoil (diesel) and the pump number.

Returning the hire car with a full fuel tank. There is a service station at the airport. Allow yourself 20 minutes extra to refuel comfortably before returning the car to the rental car depot.

The address you need for Google Maps. Marriott’s Marbella Beach Resort, Calle de Cádiz, KM 193,  29604 Marbella

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  1. Hi Induscom

    Please accept my apologies for not writing back when you first wrote. I was reading my emails in Australia back in September when you first contacted me but came across this by chance on my computer at home. Long story but sorry again.

    I really hope you have been able to organise transport at the best possible rates. If you are on the Costa del Sol then I hope you are keeping dry in the non stop rain right now.

    If I can help you with anything during your stay or travels, please give me a second chance.

    Have a great Christmas and thanks very much for writing in.

  2. Hi Mike
    We have a group of 6 coming to Malaga and then to Marbella Christmas Day. We have to get to Crown Resorts from Malaga and then plan to go to Seville, Gibraltar etc over the next 6 days and return from Malaga airport.

    Is it better and cheaper to rent a minivan or use public transportation

  3. Hello Mike

    Thanks very much for your kind comments.

    Yes the Malaga airport shuttle service to Marbella bus station is the best and quickest way to get to Marbella.

    To get to Monda from Marbella you must take the MARBELLA – COIN service. From Marbella your bus will stop first in Ojen and then in Monda before travelling on to Coin. It will take about 35 minutes to get to Monda from Marbella.

    I hope this helps you and that you have a great visit to Monda.

    Thanks for visiting Gomarbella and best wishes from Marbella.


  4. Hi Mike,

    Like your site a great deal. My girlfriend and I are making our way to a farm in Monda for a week after flying into Malaga airport. I am wondering the best and cheapest way to get there from the airport. I believe the bus from Malaga to Marbella will be our best bet, but we are not sure how to get from Marbella to Monda. Any ideas would be a great help. I think our flight gets in at 13:30 on a tuesday.

    Thank you

    Mike C.


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