Come on down to the beach in Marbella today. Everybody’s taking it easy. The sun’s hot and the sea’s refreshingly cool.   Bring your watermelon and cool drink and picnic on the beach or feast on sizzling fried prawns in garlic washed down with cold white wine or sangria in a chiringuito nearby.

Out at sea the windsurfers are gliding up and down the coast. In the distance you’ll hear the buzzing of jet skis rented from Funny Beach past the fishing port.   White T shirted beach security personnel patrol the beaches or cycle up and down the Paseo Marítimo while the lookie lookie men sidle cautiously along with their trays of Rolex watches, latest CDs and designer sunglasses.  If you’d like to be out on the sea and taking it easy, do check out the Fly Blue Cruises from Marbella’s Puerto Deportivo right next door. 

Just another perfect day on the beach, or is it?

12/04/2018 Yes, come on down but be careful with your possessions. On Sunday, our good friend Rosemary, a long time streetwise Marbella resident was taking things easy on Yellow Beach next to the Restaurant La Pesquera just along from the beach in the photo above and had her bag stolen from right next to her feet while she was reading the newspaper. It happened incredibly quickly and as she said, she wasn’t even asleep! She lost the usual things of course, car keys, driving licence, apartment keys, mobile phone and identity card.


At the Marbella Comisaria she had to wait for three hours until 10pm whilst the police on duty seemingly just chatted, to make a statement necessary for insurance and to get it signed. Others waiting to make similar reports were furious at the delay. The report took only 10 minutes to do once she got in and she was asked why she had put her bag down on the sand.

Rosemary is now going through the routine of replacing everything and changing locks. The thieves had made calls to Africa on her mobile which she is going to have to pay for. She found out later that a colleague had had a bag stolen on the same day from the same beach.

So if you’re on holiday, be warned, never leave your bags unattended on the beach whilst you swim and make sure someone in your group is keeping a very close eye on everything. Don’t take your valuables to the beach, the theft will take place in seconds right under your nose and you won’t get any sympathy from the policeman on duty when you make your statement.

May 2020. On your next visit to Marbella you’ll find us all a lot more spaced out following social distancing guidelines. Hopefully in a coup of years things will back to the ”old’ normal.


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