Sherry was visiting Marriott’s Marbella Beach Resort last summer. She asked about beach restaurants near Marriott’s Marbella and Nikki Beach Marbella.  I’m always looking for an excuse to explore so I popped out to Elviria. I had a good look at the beachside restaurants closest to Marriott’s Marbella Beach Resort and Nikki Beach. Sherry I’ve dedicated this page to you. 

Is a Chiringuito the same as a beach bar?

In Andalucia in summer ithe a  beach bars and restaurants are know as chiringuitos. All of them used to be right on the sand. They were like little desert island shacks made of wood and had roofs of thatch and palm leaves. They often got washed away by high tides. Eventually urban planning in Spain caught up and moved them off the beach. I really recommend eating at least once at a beach bar or chiringuito somewhere along the coastline during your holiday. Ask for a table around 1pm.  If you leave it any later it’ll be impossible to get a table. 

The  nearest Beach Restaurants or Chiringuitos to Marriott’s Marbella.

I went out to Marriott’s to check it all out for Sherry and biked down  Avda Hacienda Playa. It’s the long road  from Marriott’s Marbella down to the beach.  Looking in through the gates, the resort looked magnificent. I could see lush, green,  well cared for gardens under towering palm trees. Residents in Marriott’s Marbella at the bottom end of the resort can practically walk out onto the beach.

There are two beach restaurants very close to Marriott’s Marbella, Restaurante Merendero Cristina. Restaurante Cristina is at the end of Avda Hacienda Playa to the left. Cristina specialise in fish and shellfish.

Restaurante Merendero Cristina

At the ind of Avda Hacienda Playa is the Restaurante Merendero Cristina. Cristina specialises in fish and shellfish.

Carlos and Paula Chiringuito

Just a hundred metres further on the beach to the left is Carlos and Paula Chiringuito.  Carlos and Paula offer seafood paella, fish, meat barbecues and pasta. The waiter explained that Paula is the mum and Carlos is the son.

You must try Sardinas al Espeto
Both restaurants were well populated and most diners were sitting outside on the wooden decks. The beach is slightly wider next to Carlos and Paula and could be easier for families with young children. As I left one of the waiters was lighting the barbecue outside. You must try sardinas al espeto. When you are next in a chiringuito, that’s sardines on skewers cooked next to the flames. Think of lots of Omega 3 oils, healthy salads and chilled white wine followed by a siesta on the beach on your beach bed.

Can you get to these Marbella beach restaurants by bus?

Yes absolutely. From Marbella town centre take the M220 bus to Fuengirola. Get off at the  Pino Golf bus stop. Walk about 10minutes over the hill and down Avda Hacienda Playa past Marriott’s Beach Resort. From the small parking area where the road meets the beach, look west towards Marbella. The famous Nikki Beach is about 500 metres along the beach towards Marbella. If you are taking the train and bus from Malaga airport to Marriott’s Marbella check how to do it comfortably here.

Which is the nearest beach bar to Nikkis Beach? 

The beach bar  right next to Nikkis Beach is Chiringuito Los Tonys.  Los Tonys offer paella, shellfish, fish baked in salt and skewered meats and fish.   It’s just too far to walk comfortably to Los Tonys and Nikki’s Beach from Marriott’s Marbella and back.  I would recommend driving or taking a taxi.  It’s a short ride from Marriotts and just down the hill if you are staying at the Don Carlos. At the end of the Bajada Hotel Don Carlos road you’ll find Los Tonys. Just before you get to the end on the left is the Nikki Beach entrance and parking place. Every year I’m sent an exclusive invitation to theri summer opening. When I look more carefully at my screen, I can just make out a price,. Usually upwards of €80.

It’s a different scene down here. Chiringuito Los Tonys is quite upmarket. You’ll see lots of folk in white beach gear and bronzed girls in bikinis and wispy tops on the beach below Nikki’s. You are looking at the beach part of Nikki Beach in the photo. On the terraces above the beautiful people are drinking chilled cava by the bottle.

Just along the beach from Chiringuito Los Tonys is The Beach House. 

The other beach restaurant I checked out for Sherry The Beach House. We’ve often eaten here.  The Beach House is very popular and I suggest you make a reservation if you would like a beach side table. I would recommend  a midday meal or elegant evening dinner here. You’ll need a car to get to The Beach House  from Marriott’s Marbella. You’ll pick up a sign for The Beach House at the second roundabout above the exit from the A7. Keep on down this road until you see signs to the left pointing to Restaurante Playa Blanca and Restaurante Las Banderas. Keep on until you see Carril del Relojero and then a Beach House sign. 

Good restaurants at the Elvira Commercial Centre close to Marriott’s Marbella

Just over the A7 road bridge is the Elviria Commercial Centre. It’s easy walking distance from Marriott’s Marbella. A pleasant stroll home in the evening after your meal. The’re lots of good and interesting restaurants. We’ve eaten there. There’s a sports bar, the famous Marsala curry house, elegant cocktail bars, and a  pizza house.

The Taj Mahal will deliver to Marriott’s Marbella
Round the back almost hidden away is the Taj Mahal Indian food restaurant. Maybe you will you just feel like staying in at Marriotts and have a glass of wine on your own terrace.  Give the Taj Mahal Indian restaurant a ring. They do takeaways at really good prices and will also deliver locally. Tel: + 34 952 836 153.

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