It’s feria week in Marbella this week. Exactly at 12 midday every day during the feria, the music starts and the dancing begins in the Alameda Park in the very heart of Marbella.

On the 11th June we are celebrating dia de San Bernabe, the patron saint of Marbella. Every village, town or city in Spain has a saints day during the year and the celebrations go on for a week.

Banks work shorter hours, offices and warehouses close earlier and certainly on Friday afternoons. You wouldn’t phone anyone else in Marbella to ask for the money you are owed and equally you can be sure that nobody (at least from Marbella) is going to phone you to ask for money.

Celia on the left posed her friends for me. I was lucky to get the picture because normally the guys hold onto their girls when they are dressed up in their flamenco dresses. Perhaps the men were having a cold beer and talking football at one of the nearby refreshment tents.

The feria starts with fireworks on Tuesday evening and then the feria de día takes place every day after that. At night there is a big attraction park for the kids with more dancing and fun until 3 or 4 in the morning.

If you still have the energy at the weekend, on Saturday you’ll go through from midday to 7pm in the hot sun, dancing Sevillanas, drinking mojitos and singing the latest summer song. You’ll meet all your old school friends who will have come back from all over Spain just for this weekend. At 7pm the street sweepers move in. By 9pm it’s spotless and ready for you to do it all again on Sunday and again Monday which is a holiday! On Tuesday it’s back to work.

Come on down! It’s feria week in Marbella!

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