Elizabeth checked in to ask me abour a transfer from Malaga airport to Hotel Bluebay Banus for  her son and five friends. Was it worth considering the train from Malaga Airport to Fuengirola train station and then a bus that would pass the Hotel BueBay Banus on the A7 or the bus to Marbella from Malaga airport followed by a taxi to the hotel as opposed to the expensive option of a people carrier transfer from the airport?

I replied that the most economical way for them is to get their bus tickets online from Malaga airport to Marbella bus station (around 9.00 euros right now) and then two taxis from outside the Marbella bus station to Hotel BlueBay Banus, just past Puerto Banus.  They would need two taxis because the local taxis  only carry four adult passengers.

They would start their journey fromo the Malaga airport bus stop seen in the picture above. So that works out about €45 euros for the six passengers one way from Malaga airport to Marbella bus station  and then approximately €30 euros for the two taxis to Hotel BlueBay Banus. The price of taxis along the Costa del Sol depend on whether it is a weekday,  weekend or holiday and of course if the journey is before or after 10pm.

If the boys would like to save the taxi money for cold beers instead and take the L79 bus from Marbella bus station to Estepona then they could get off either at Playas del Duque bus stop or at the next stop Restaurante Rodeito. Hotel BlueBay is just between the two stops on the sea side of the road.But taxis would be quicker and the boys would make it into the bar at Hotel Bluebay in Puerto Banus a lot sooner.


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