Much as this looks like the entrance to an art gallery, it’s actually the ticket sales area in the Prado del San Sebastian Bus Station in Sevilla. You’ll see the different bus companies ticket offices around the large room. Built back in 1941 it has a very homely feel to it and is still my favourite bus station. As you step in from the heat of Seville in July and August the high ceilings give you immediate relief. I took this photo just last Saturday.

The Estación de Autobuses del Prado de San Sebastian is an easy walk from the Giralda out of the old Jewish quarter in the Barrio de Santa Cruz and across the Jardines Reales Alcázares park. On a hot summer’s day in Seville, you’ll be well advised to take the tram from Plaza Nueva on the border of El Arenal and the Santa Cruz districts and glide in airconditioned comfort to the TUSSAM transport interchange not 200m from the bus station.

Why might you be using the Prado de San Sebastian bus station? If you’re on your way to the east or south of Sevilla, Cordoba, Jaen, Granada, Cadiz, Malaga, Marbella, Almería, Jerez de la Frontera or Marbella Bus station or even travelling as far as Barcelona, Murcia or Cartagena, you’ll be leaving from here. Use the Gomarbella online bus reservations for ease of booking and speed.

Run your eyes over the destinations in Cadiz and time will slow right down. Even before you step on the bus you’ll taste the sherries of Jeréz, chilled white Barbadillo wines from the white sands of the Cadíz shoreline and the fresh Atlantic fish served in every restaurant..

Here is the address:


Prado de San Sebastian s/n
41005 Seville

Tel: 954 417 111

From the TUSSAM transport interchange right next door you can pick up the tram to Plaza Nueva and the TUSSAM local buses in Seville to central and outlying suburbs. From Avda de El Cid and Avda Menendez Pelayo next to the bus station you have the C3 Interior circular bus route running clockwise round the El Arenal and Santa Cruz districts and the C4 running anticlockwise round the same area. Both of these routes pass the Santa Justa train station in Sevilla. They are great value at only €2.30

The Sevilla Airport Bus starts at the San Sebastian bus station before connecting with the Santa Justa
train station. If you are coming in from Seville Airport and need to get to the Plaza de Armas bus station to travel on to Portugal, get off at Prado de San Sebastian bus station and then take the C3 circular bus around to Plaza de Armas.

Please contact me through the Gomarbella Travel Page if I can help you at all with your travelling!


  1. Hi Ann thank you for writing in and congratulations on planning so well ahead. Yes, you are quite correct. Basically you would book from Lagos to Sevilla using the Eva bus company. It's a comfortable journey with a few stops along the coastline. Then you would stay in Seville. When you are in Sevilla you would walk or bus to the Prado de San Sebastian bus station a day ahead of your travel and book and pay for your seats from Sevilla to San Pedro de Alcántara or book them online. On the way down you have a short stop in Ronda, only 10 minutes or so to pick up and drop off passengers. Crazy as it may seem, this populary journey cannot be booked online because of the rivalry between the two companies who operate this route. Hence the need to visit the bus station. There is a very good chance that there would be seats if you just turned up at the bus station given the time of the year but as there are only three services a day I would prefer to be sure of my chosen travelling time. Thank you again for your contact. Best wishes Mike

  2. Hi Mike, I am not sure how to use this blog to ask you a question and how to follow up with your answer
    We (2 passengers) need to get from Lagos, Portugal Algarve to Estepona. How would you advise me ? We would like to stop in Seville for 2 days if possible. It seems like the route would be Lagos to Seville, then Seville to Ronda the San Pedro? I went into all sort of websites but can't figure out the rout or the timetable. Can you help me please. We will travel end of September and beginning of October
    Thank you
    Ann Nguyen

  3. Hi Rose, come out of Plaza de Santa Cruz Apartmentos and diagonally cross the square in front of the apartments and walk along Calle Nicolás Antonio until you come to the big road Avenida de Menéndez Pelayo. Cross Avda de Menéndez Pelayo and then turn right and walk all the way down until you see a very big roundabout. Just before the roundabout you will see the Prado de San Sebastian bus station on your left.

    You could also take a taxi for a minimum fare but if your suitcase is easy to pull and not too hot, you will enjoy the walk. If you walk, allow 25 minutes walking at an easy speed.

    There are buses also, when you get to Avda de Menéndez Pelayo stay on the same side of the street and turn right until you see a C1 bus stop. The buses come past about every 10 minutes. In the bus there is an electronic board which tells you the name of the next stop. Prado de San Sebastian is one of them. The bus is very cheap, less than two euros. (2014). Almost as soon as you get on, you will be getting
    off again. Please check it is the C1! Best wishes Rose and thanks for your contact. Mike

  4. What is the best way to get from Prado San Sebastian Station to Plaza de Santa Cruz Apartmentos? Is there a bus, tram? We will be coming in July.

  5. Hi Mike, ….
    Last few weeks ago, I booked a car through your website, apparently the service was made from Car Trawler.
    Now I would like to re-checked and re-print again my reservation but I couldn't find a link to check it again.
    After goggling I found that Car Trawler is not really a good car rental agent as many people complain about it. Could you kindly please help me as now am really afraid if the bad experience that other people had will also happen to me, especially I will go with my daughter.
    Could you give me suggestion so I can have at lease a peace of mind before going to Spain this end of May ? I really2 want this trip to be smooth as bringing child along the trip isn't easy either. Thank yo so much for your kind help.
    If you don't want to post this comment, could you reply to my email privately : (Email supplied)
    thank you so much once again …

    – Linda Niswar –

  6. Hi Gordonian, you are absolutely correct. The Prado de San Sebastian bus station is the last stop on the route into the city from Seville airport and it's the bus station that serves all the destinations to the south, taking in Algeciras and Tarifa amongst others. I'm sure it's the same bus station as the ones you referred to above.

    It's a great run south, you're really in Andalucia now.

    Many thanks for writing in Gordonian, have a great trip. Best wishes Mike

  7. HI Mike am I correct in thinking that the seville airport bus goes into PRADO DE SEBASTION bus station and from there can I catch a bus to Algerciras or tarifa . also is prado de sebastion bus station the same as san sebastion bus station. Thanks for your help .

  8. Hi Owen, thanks very much for writing in. Basically you take the Seville airport bus which will take you all the way into the city to the Prado de San Sebastian bus station.
    From the Prado de San Sebastian bus station you'll hop straight onto your bus to Jerez. I couldn't locate the onward bus timetable but if you contact me again during the first week of September, I'll phone and find out.

    I'm just catching up from a week in France, apologies for the delay in replying but I'll be well placed to check that detail for you in early September if you remind me.

    Saturday 17th September will see me in Seville too. I'm leaving that morning walking with my daughter for the first week along the Via de Plata which ends in Santiago de Compostela about 1000kms to the north. We'll carry on next year! The weather should be perfect in Jerez about then. Look forward to your reply in September Owen.

    Best wishes from Marbella Mike

  9. Hi Mike
    We are flying in to Seville airport on Saturday, 17th September, arriving at 17.45 local time.
    We want to travel onwards to Jerez and don't particularly want to rent a car.
    What is the best (and cheapest) way of getting to Jerez, bus or train? Can you also advise timetables etc.

    Many thanks

  10. Hi Aoife

    Yes, the Malaga airport bus to Marbella bus station runs every day of the year. You can also check the return journey on this link. It’s a great service, very punctual, cheap, it's really good value and from Marbella bus station you can take a taxi from outside or catch an onward bus.

    Don't hesitate to write if I can help you at all Aoife, best wishes from Marbella and have a great trip. Mike

  11. Hi Mike,
    I am travelling to Marbella at the beginnig of June with my friend. We are both young and before i leave i want to ensure i know exactly how I'm travelling from Malaga airport. I have read about the bus service from Malaga Airport but was confused as to whether or not it ran on Sundays. Will there be a (regular enough!) service on a the first Sunday in June?
    Thanks, Aoife.

  12. Hello Yan

    Thanks for writing in. I have been trying very hard to get information for you. Nobody answers their telephones in Seville it seems.

    I managed to get information about the timetable of services between Seville and Arcos de la Frontera from the national transport consortium number: 902 450 550. There are two services every day, week days and weekends.

    Seville to Arcos de la Frontera: 09.00 and 18.30
    Arcos de la Frontera to Seville: 07.00 and 15.00

    They couldn't help me with information about bus fares so I tried again and again without success to phone the Los Amarillos bus company Tel: 954 98 91 84, who operate that route and have an office in the Prado de San Sebastian bus station where you will leave from. It was either engaged or no one answered.

    I don't think there will be many people travelling on a Saturday and by getting to the Los Amarillos ticket office in the Prado de San Sebastian bus station 30 minutes before you travel you should be able to get a seat. If you want to make really sure, buy your ticket on Friday before you travel on Saturday morning.

    For complete information about getting to and using the Prado de San Sebastian bus station copy this URL and paste it into your browser.

    I hope this helps you Yan. I tried hard to get all the answers for you.

    Best wishes from Marbella


  13. Hi Mike

    I am planning to visit Arcos De La Frontera from Seville on 25June.(Sat), as i know there only have one bus in AM session , will it normally very full? Can i reseved or pre-book from somewhere before we arrive?

    If not, when we arrive to station , can we buy same date return ticket too?

    Lastly , may i know the ticket fee for it .

    Many thanks for yor assit


  14. Hi Edd

    I've just phoned the national central bus transport enquiries office 902 450 550 and the girl told me that the fare from Marbella to La Linea is €6.94. (May 2011) The return will be the same and buying a return ticket won't make it any cheaper although if you can book your return at least you know your seat has been confirmed and you don't need to get bus station early to make sure of your ticket.

    About the unchanging La Linea bus time table, yes, I have noticed it does not change very often. Most of the other timetables out of Marbella are updated every month but not the La Linea run. If the timing is critical, copy and paste this URL into your browser, it's all the bus schedules on the Costa del Sol: look under Marbella Bus Schedules for the Marbella to La Linea schedule and compare that with the La Linea timetable which does not seem to update very often.

    Edd if there is a difference in the two schedules then as they say in Spanish, "Así es la vida" that's life and welcome to Portillo.

    I hope that helps you and that you have a good trip. Thanks very much for your contact.


  15. Hi Mike,

    I was wondering if you know when Portillo buses change their timetable. There's currently a timetable issued in November 2010 on their website, is that likely to be valid in mid-May? Also do you happen to know the return fare for La Linea to Marbella? Hi Ed, thank you for writing in to Gomarbella Travel Pages. Please check through on the Gomarbella online bus seat booking system and you’ll see the fare and the current timetable. Best wishes Mike

  16. Hi Julie

    Thanks very much for writing back. I appreciate that. I hope the trip back went according to plan.

    I like your blog. Your outlook on live is somewhat similar to mine. Keep on writing.

    Oh! Just to say after a rainly Easter we are back to brilliant sunshine today. That's just the way the cookie crumbles sometimes isn't it?

    Best wishes from Marbella Julie


  17. thanks so much for your help Mike. Your blog is invaluable and full of useful and interesting info – I will add a link from my blog to it when I get back. Thanks again Julie

  18. Hi Julie

    Thank you very much for writing in and your kind words which I appreciate. Yes, the Marbella to Malaga airport bus service runs every day of the year.

    I always try to get to the airport 2 hours before my flight which leaves me plenty of time to get through security, have a coffee and get into my travelling mood and mode.

    So if your flight leaves at 11.45am on Sunday, I would take the 9:15am winter service bus from Marbella. It will get you to the airport a couple of minutes before 10am. If you have your boarding card you'll be in the airport and through security by 10.20am leaving you lots of time to do some shopping, have a Spanish breakfast and find your departure lounge.

    Get to the Marbella bus station 20 minutes earlier in case there is a queue at the ticket office. It's not that there'll be a lot of people travelling, it's more likely that there will only be one ticket office window open on Easter Sunday. Let me know if I am wrong though!

    Luckily for you it's the next bus from Marbella at 10:15 which does not run on a Saturday or a Sunday during the winter months.

    Have a great trip Julie, I hope you've enjoyed your stay.

    Best wishes


  19. Hi Mike – what a useful blog you write and how helpful you are.
    My flight from Malaga leaves at 11.45am on Easter Sunday and I need to get to the airport from Marbella. Do you now if the bus runs on Easter Sunday?
    many thans if you find the time to reply
    best wishes

  20. Hi Natalie

    Thanks very much for looking through the blogs and writing in.

    Starting with the bus first, simply take the bus from Fuengirola bus station to Marbella. It will have Marbella on the front. The Portillo bus company do number their routes and the bus stops but in practice everyone refers to the bus by its destination. The buses on this route leave every 30 minutes so you shouldn't have long to wait in Fuengirola. Everything is a bit open and cramped at the bus station in Fuengirola so keep an eye on your belongings and keep them close to you while buying your ticket and getting onto the bus.

    For Club Delta Mar your bus stop will be the Riviera del Sol bus stop, You can Google it using these exact same words 'Riviera del Sol bus stop.' At the bottom of the page you'll find a complete list of bus stops between Fuengirola and Marbella so you'll know exactly when to get off.

    About getting to Club Delta Mar, here's the exact address and phone number: Club Delta Mar Crown Resorts, Calle de Libra Urbanización Riviera del Sol, 29 29650 Malaga, Spain Tel: 952 932 034 If I am not mistaken they have a courtesy bus which will pick you up from the roundabout next to the bus stop if you phone reception. If not, then you might want to take a taxi from next to the supermarket, the blue building in the third picture down.

    The resort is not far, but the pavement is only on one side of the road if you are pulling suitcases. If it's hot as well, it'll be more comfortable to do the short journey in a taxi for the minimum fare. You will have saved yourself a lot of money by taking the train and the bus and you can afford to treat yourself and arrive in style.

    I hope it all goes well Natalie, thanks again for your contact and best wishes from Marbella


  21. Hi Mike,

    I found your post from about a year ago on getting to Club Del Mar from the Malaga airport. My cousins and I plan on taking the train as suggested to the Fuengirola Train station. I was wondering the number/name of the bus we would need to take to get us close to Club Delta Mar? And how much would that cost? Lastly, what is the name of the stop we should get off at?

    thank you very much for your help!!

  22. Hi Tatiana

    Yes, no problem at all. You will put your bike into the big compartment under the bus where all the suitcases go.

    The driver will open it as soon as the passengers start to board.

    I think in Spain there is a certain respect for cyclists but be as careful as you can because there are drivers from all over Europe so you see lots of different driving styles.

    Have a fantastic holiday Tatiana and thanks for writing in. Mike

  23. Dear Mike,

    I arrive at Malaga airport 06, April,
    with a bike. I'd like to take a bus to Marbella and then cycle along the coast. Is it possible to carry a bike on the bus? Thank you. Tatiana

  24. Hi Richard

    I checked on the location of Fuengirola Beach Apartments just to make sure and you will need a taxi from the Fuengirola train station at the end of the line to your apartments. They must be at least 3kms from the train station. There is a lift at the station and a taxi rank right outside.

    From the Fuengirola Beach Apartments you have the big Miramar shopping complex with restaurants and a cinema within comfortable walking distance.

    The beach is only about 400metres under the highway and there is a footpath crossing the river which will take you onto the start of the Paseo Marítimo of Fuengirola, the 7km long beach front road.

    So once you are there, you won't feel isolated but for that first journey with your suitcases, I would definitely take a taxi.

    I hope that helps you and your friend Richard, if I can be of any more help, please write to me.

    Best wishes from Marbella


  25. Hi, my friend and i have booked to stop at fuengirola beach apartments, my friend has ms and struggles to walk any great distance. How far is it from the end of the rail link to the apartments! I hope you can help. Many thanks, Rick


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