Natalia online:  I missed the opening, but I managed to get up to the Sierra Nevada this past Saturday. We had an early morning start, and once we had packed our gear into the car we were on the road.  We took the new motorway between Antequera and Malaga, the AP- 46. Coming from Marbella it cuts off roughly 30mins from our trip. Dani drives faster than most so we made it in an hour and a half. Most people will feel more comfortable taking two hours.  We parked in the underground parking in the village which is on your right just before entering the village, It’s usually quite difficult to find parking on the street, so I recommend heading directly for the underground parking.

After changing we quickly made our way to buy our forfaits (ski passes), and thanks to our early start we beat the long lines.  Each forfait costs over €40 Euros but you need to keep in mind that at the end of your ski day you give the cards back and they reimburse you 4 Euros per pass.

On my first few days back on the slopes, I always like to have an instructer to re-fresh and hone my snowboarding skills. My teacher is called Pedro, he’s been my instructor since last year and he’s awesome! He works at Escuela Tecnica Ski-Snow Carlos Olmedo, if you’re new to skiing or like me need to re-fresh your skills then I highly recomend this ski/snow school. Everyone is very friendly and incredibly professional. You can have a one-on-one class or make your own little group, if you’re of a similar level and not more than four of you, they they charge 50 Euros. This is money well spent especially if it’s your first time snowboarding or skiing. 

Being a Saturday the Sierra Nevada slopes quickly filled up. It’s important to keep your eyes open for any rogue skiiers. The weather was great, snow somewhat thin on some parts but overall good, being of a soft and powdery texture. The ski lifts close at 4:45 pm and to again beat the long line of cars going down the mountain we left at 4pm.  If you don’t leave at about that time,  your trip back to Marbella is likely to take up to an hour more.

Overall our day in Sierra Nevada was fantastic, we had a wonderful time and we’re already planning to go again in January. This this time for a couple of days. I’ll post more info on where we stay and where we eat next time, so keep in touch.


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