Paul: “Hi, I hope you can help. I am traveling to Malaga airport on 22 June but only going as far as La Colina. We will miss the last train and I was wondering which would be better, 2 taxi’s (How much?) or a transfer. I have 6 people travelling 3 adults and 3 kids.”

Mike: “Hi Paul Thank you very much for checking in to Gomarbella.  I have just phoned the taxi company Unitaxis Tel: + 34 952 333 333 at Malaga airport and the girl gave me the cost of a taxi from Malaga Airport to Torremolinos. By day it is € 15 and after €17 after 10pm and over weekend and on public holidays, it is €17.

There is only one taxi price even though Torremolinos is very big and La Colina is about the closest point in Torremolinos to the airport.

I wouldn’t bother with a transfer. There are always countless taxis waiting right outside arrivals. You will need two taxis to move the group of 6. Here are the train timetables from Malaga airport in case you want to return to Malaga airport from the La Colina train stop or use the train whilst you are in La Colina.

I hope that helps you Paul, please let me know if I can help. Best wishes from Marbella, Mike”

Paul: “Mike thank you so much for your reply. I know over here in Dublin taxi drivers make a big deal about doing short runs from the airport. Is it the same there?

Mike: “Actually taxi prices here are carefully controlled. All destinations on the Costa del Sol are contained in a book which each driver carries. To avoid too many prices for Torremolinos which is so close to Malaga airport, they must have come up with a blanket fee covering the whole Torremolinos municipal area. It is just bad luck in that sense that La Colina is so close to the airport. The taxi associations will have covered themselves by fixing one fee for the whole locality. But the taxi drivers will take you without argument or fuss. They have to because every taxi carries a complaints book! If you have any problem at all at any stage just ask for a receipt for the fare, post it to me or email me the details and I’ll follow it up.

Check the fare when you get into the taxi because what the girl quoted me may not coincide exactly with what you are actually charged on the ground and I wouldn’t want you to get into an argument about a fare price which I got over the telephone. The fare might even be less. Not more.

It’s not such a short run actually and you will be in the taxi for a little while. If you catch the train back from La Colina train stop to Malaga airport train station you won’t even notice the cost of the train tickets.

I hope that helps you Paul, have a great holiday. The weather is really good down here. Warm during the day and lots of sun.”

Paul: “Thanks again Mike. Your knowledge and help has been fantastic. Enjoy the sun, as I send you this mail the rain is pouring down in Dublin.”Best of luck and thanks again.”

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