“Look there’s the Lagos bus station!” called my wife as I was putting our suitcases into the boot of the car in the morning.  We had spent the night at the Marina Rio Hotel in Lagos before driving on to San Bras de Alportel, inland from Faro for another two nights over Easter. She knows my interest in bus stations and bus stops.

I grabbed my camera and got a picture of the Lagos Bus Station to show how close it is to the Marina Rio Hotel In Lagos.  You’ll see it behind the hotel in the background on the left. Coincidentally when I got back there was an email waiting for me from Katie asking about travelling to Portugal by bus from Granada via Gibraltar and La Linea , so refreshed by my latest trip to Portugal I put together a page for her about taking the bus from Granada to Faro on the Algarve

By the way that the Marina Rio Hotel which overlooks the Lagos marina is brilliant value for money. The hotel is clean and modern and the direct reservation and check in experiences were excellent.  The breakfast is first class, the kind you want to linger over.

We had left Marbella in pouring rain on Easter Thursday morning, been stopped by a hail storm just outside Sevilla, braved the western exit from Sevilla and then driven to the Algarve, exploring Isla Cristina in Huelva just before reaching Portugal. It was from here that Cristopher Columbus set off from here in 1492 to discover the Americas.

The weather in Portugal was fine over the weekend, the usual big Atlantic rain clouds but the sun shone and the wine and sea foor was great as always. On the way back, still on the Portuguese side we explored the stretch of coast inland from Olhao to Monte Gordo on the very banks of the river Guadiana just over the river from Ayamonte in Spain. A very interesting looking area.

We chose the Utrera via Ronda route travelling back from Sevilla to Marbella, it’s always my first choice for scenery in rainy or cloudy weather. The traffic was surprisingly disciplined. Maybe it was  the Guardia Civil Eye in the Sky helicopter overhead.

PS: You can now do online bus ticket reservations from the Costa del Sol to the Algarve through the gomarbella reservation system.

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  1. Hi Gord, your email slipped out of sight and I found it again this evening. Please accept my apologies for the delay in replying.

    Yes the rental car drop off in a different country is always more expensive. This is because only the larger hire car countries have traffic going both ways and they add on at least €100 on top of the rental if the car has to be brought back at a later date.

    Have a look though at the car rental search engine putting in Marbella as pickup and Faro as drop off and see if you are happy with the price.

    Another possibility is to take the bus from Marbella to Seville and then after changing buses in Sevilla at the Plaza de Armas bus station, take the onward bus to Faro. You can do it comfortably in a day and enjoy the scenery at the same time! Let me know via this page or over on the online bus reservation page on Gomarbella if I can help you with this option.

    Best wishes from Marbella Gord and sorry again for the delay. Mike

  2. Hi Mike: We are travelling to Spain in September, we would like to get to Faro Portugal from Marbella on Sat Sept 20, what would be our best option in order to get there?
    Can you pickup a car rental in Marbella and drop off in Faro? I hear it will be very expensive.

    Thanks for any assistance.

  3. Hi Keila

    Thanks very much for writing in to gomarbella.Please check through on the Gomarbella online bus seat booking system and you’ll see the fare and the current timetable and you will also see that there are a good number of services every day for the four hour journey. Remember to use the spelling Lisboa and not Lisbon. You should get a couple of pit stops along the way for refreshments.

    The bus station in Lagos is just behind the Marina Rio hotel in the marina. The Marina Rio hotel is a great place to stay by the way.

    Pricewise a local hire car won’t be able to compete with this particular route.

    I hope this helps, if you have problems with the website let me know. We might even go back to Faro this coming weekend. I need another Portugal fix!

    Best wishes for your trip Keila and thanks again for using gomarbella.


  4. Hi Mike,

    I will be traveling from Sevilla to Lagos, then Lagos to Lisboa. What bus do you recommend that I take from Sevilla to Lagos? I went on Damas’ website and I do not see the option to purchase the tickets. Also, I didn’t know what other companies provided the service. I was considering renting a car from Lagos to Lisboa, is taking a bus a better option? Your advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks!


  5. Hi Judy

    I am just back from Germany and I phoned the Estepona taxi company to check the price. It will cost around €80 euros to travel by taxi from Estepona bus station to La Linea which is on the border with Gibraltar.

    This is travelling on a weekday, during the day.

    If you are not in a hurry and have thought about taking a bus then check out the La Linea bus station page which tells you how to get a bus from Marbella to La Linea. The page gives you quite a

    bit of information about the La Linea bus station and how far it is from the border of Gibraltar.

    I hope this helps you, best wishes from Marbella and have a great stay.


  6. Hello Judy, thank you for checking in to gomarbella.

    I am in Essen right now and back home tomorrow evening, that’s Wednesday when I will phone the Estepona taxi company to ask them about the cost of a taxi from Estepona to the border with Gibraltar.

    I would guess around 50 euros but would need to check that.

    The taxis in Estepona are very close to the bus station.

    Look out for a reply on Thursday morning Judy, I hope that is not too late.

    Best wishes and thanks again for checking in


  7. Hi Mike
    Could you tell me how much a taxi would be from Estephona Bus Station to Gibraltar and is the taxi rank by the bus station.
    Many thanks


  8. Hello Bill

    Thanks very much for the invitation. I’m away from Thursday through to next Wednesday but if I do get a chance to get up your end it will be much appreciated. Thank you.

    I hope you have a great stay, the weather is really good at the moment.

    Best wishes from the coast Bill and have a great stay. (I hope the bus stop works out OK!)


  9. Thanks Mike for the info. If you’re passing the hotel between 15/22nd June, pop in and I’ll buy you a drink :o)
    Best wishes.

  10. Hello Bill

    Just to say I’ll be putting the list of bus stops between Fuengirola and Torremolinos up shortly. I phoned the receptionist at Sol Principe hotel to ask him which bus stop you would need to get off and on at and he said “Park Playa” which just happens not to be one of bus stops on the list which I got from the bus company!

    Anyway the nearest bus stop is not more than ten minutes walk from the hotel so I am sure you will be able to use the buses quite easily.

    Thanks again for writing in Bill and have a great stay.

    Best wishes from the coast


  11. Hi Merlin

    That’s an interesting route! Let me tell you how to do it. First take the bus to La Linea from Estepona. I’ll tell you a bit later where to find the schedule.

    From La Linea, take the bus for Sevilla where you will arrive at the Prado de Sebastian Estación de Autobuses. You will then need to change to the Plaza de Armas bus station using the link service which runs every 15 minutes.

    From the Plaza de Armas Estacion de Autobuses which serves the Huelva and Portugal routes, you will take the Damas bus service to Matalascañas. The only catch I see Merlin is that the bus leaves on a weekday at 9:30 so really you should probably plan for a night in Sevilla and get there the night before the last leg.
    Check here to find the timetables from Estepona to La Linea and also from La Linea to Sevilla. The page will also tell you about how to change bus stations frm Prado de San Sebastian bus station in Seville to the Plaza de Armas bus station which is where the buses to Huelva and Portugal set off from. It will be a great journey, takes sandwiches and water for the bus journeys. There are lots of cafeterias at the other bus stations. The views will be great and the Atlantic beaches of Matalascañas well worth waiting for!

    Have a look at the route and tell me if you have any problems with it.

    Hope this helps you

    Best wishes Mike

  12. Hi Mike,

    Thanks for your quick response. I am sorry that I forget to mention to you that we will take the bus going to Matalascanas, Huelva. Could you pls give us more detailed infos.


  13. Hello Bill

    Thanks very much for writing in. I have a list of bus stops between Fuengirola and Torremolinos which I have to put up on the bus pages so I will do a test run to find the answer to your question. I am sure the Sol Principe hotel will be served by either a coastal or a local bus.

    No self respecting Spanish person would ever would walk 2kms today without protesting to the Mayor about the lack of a bus service.

    I hope to write back to you before the end of May with the information. The weather is great right now and it is warming up nicely for the summer!

    Best wishes from the coast Bill


  14. Hi Mike, we are going to torremolinos in june, Sol Principe Hotel which I believe is about 2km to town centre/ bus terminal. Do you know if there is a bus stop near the hotel for daily jaunts into Malaga or Fuengirola? or do we have to walk the 2km? Thanks in advance.

  15. Hello Merlin

    Thanks for writing in. If you are driving, head off from Estepona down the coast towards Gibraltar, but keep on going along the highway past San Roque which is just inland from Gibraltar and about 3 kms further on you will come to a big road spaghetti where you will take the road for Jerez de la Frontera and Sevilla. From Estepona to Sevilla it is a comfortable two hours twenty minutes drive.

    As you approach Sevilla from the south you will see the big suspension bridge over the Guadalquivir river and that is what you now head for. You are now following signs for Huelva. When you get over the bridge, one person watches the overhead road signs, always looking for Huelva and Portugal and the other drives. You don’t get two chances in Sevilla. If you see a sign, act on it! For about 5 minutes you will feel as if you are in the Indianapolis speedway with cars coming at you from all directions then the traffic slows as you climb out of Sevilla on the road to Huelva and Portugal.

    About 30 minutes later (or more if you are in the rush hour exit from Sevilla) you will get to Bollulos and from there it is a comfortable 43 kms to Matalascañas.

    You will pass through Almonte where just last week there were more than a million Catholic worshippers from all over Spain and Europe on their annual pìlgrimage.

    Matalascañas is right on the Atlantic beach next to the Parque Nacional de Doñana which I hope you will be visiting. Eat lots of fish and drink lots of white wine!

    If you are thinking of taking the bus check here for your timetable for buses from Estepona to Sevilla, it is just the last bit I would need to check. But write back to me to let me know if you are taking the bus.

    Best wishes for your trip!

    Mike Drury

  16. Hello Chris

    Thanks very much for writing in. You are right about taking the train to Fuengirola and then the Fuengirola to Marbella bus.

    The good news is that the bus goes right past the Cabo Pino bus stop and it is not more than 5 minutes walk to the beach or the Cabo Pino complex.

    On your way there you will get off the bus on the other side of the road from the beach so you will need to use the road overpass to cross. When you catch the bus back your bus stop will be on the sea side of the road.

    Cabo Pino beach is very special in that it has survived the attacks of property developers over the years and is one of the few unbuilt areas between the road and the beach all the way along the coast. It is now a protected area because of its sand dune growth and vegetation.

    There are lots of places to eat in the Cabo Pino and you can have lunch in your beach gear with no problem

    Chris check here to find a listing of all the bus stops between Fuengirola and Marbella and the Cabo Pino bus stop is listed on it.

    Have a great visit and thanks again for your contact


  17. Hi Mike, I’m staying in Torremolinos shortly and would like to visit the beach at Cabo Pino. I was thinking of getting the train to Fuengirola and then a bus to the beach area, but I’ve drawn a bit of a blank of whether the bus runs any where near to the beach. The other option might be taxi from Fuengirola station to the beach, but I’ve no idea of the distance/cost involved and not sure how that’d work for the return part of the journey. Any advice would be very much appreciated. Cheers, Chris

  18. Hi Natalie

    Thanks very much for writing in and for using the gomarbella bus pages. There is a left luggage office at Marbella Bus Station and from there you can easily walk down the beach front or Paseo Maritimo as it is called. It is about 20 minutes and it is downhill all the way and you will get a feel of Marbella as you walk. A taxi will be the minimum amount, about 6 euros. Maybe a little more, it is not so direct by car. Don’t waste time on the local bus which also goes down through the centre if the sun is shining! If you take a taxi ask for the Parque Alameda which is the big shady park right in the centre of Marbella, two minutes walk from the beaches.

    Along the Marbella beach front the sand is not as white and pure as you get down by Tarifa on the Atlantic beaches but it is clean and refreshed every day.

    Dividing the Marbella beaches in the very middle of the is the Puerto Deportivo. The beach just next to the sport port on the Gibraltar side of the Puerto Deportivo is very popular with Marbella folk. My wife prefers the beach right next to the port on the Malaga side. If you look for Palms restaurant opening right onto the beach from the Puerto Deportivo club house building, John and Cindy will look after you really well. There are lots of beach beds all along these beaches. It’s a great place to hang out and people watch. Nice breezes and tempting smells of sardines cooking on the spit. Lots of great bodies and minimum beach gear and some bodies which should really be a bit better covered up.

    For natural sand and pleasant beaches you might want to try the Elviria beaches between Marbella and Fuengirola. If you take the bus from Marbella to Fuengirola then get off at any of these stops; COLEGIO LAS CHAPAS,LOS ALICATES, VIVEROS COSTABELLA,HOTEL MARBELLA PLAYA,RESIDENCIA TIEMPO LIBRE and walk down to the beach. You can pick up this bus at a number of stops in the main street in Marbella without going back to the bus station. They are only about 15 minutes out of Marbella and You will be on the seaside when you get off. In the evening on the way back to Marbella, whatever happens, you must use the overpass footbridges. I will give you a listing of bus stops between Marbella and Fuengirola. The slope off the beaches is gentle so you can wade quite a long way out, there is usually a gentle current to move the water and there are beach bars and restaurants and loos every few hundred metres. These beaches are quite laid back and popular with families and young people alike.

    In Estepona the bus station is 50 metres back from the main road through Estepona and which runs right next to the beach so it is very close to the beach. You will find timetables for buses on the page I have mentioned above.

    Natalie I don’t know if I would bus all the way from anywhere to Estepona to swim. Maybe check it out on the way up the coast to Marbella, but just look out the window of the bus. With great respect to the Estepona Town Hall and all they have done to beautify the Paseo Marítimo, the beaches are dead boring. Having said that, about 20 minutes walk back towards Gibraltar from the bus station, just on the other side of the Estepona fishing port, there is a neat little curved beach with a gentle sloping bottom which is ideal for young children. You will see it as you come into Estepona on the bus on the way up from Gibraltar. Rod Stewart used to have a house overlooking this beach in the early days. Now he hangs out in the Caribbean.

    Often over the weekend we will take off to the Tarifa beaches, just through the Straits of Gibraltar. That’s a different scene altogether, I hope you have been there or get the chance to visit those parts.

    Natalie let me know if I can help any more, I hope you have a really good visit to the beaches along the coast.

    Best wishes from Marbella


  19. Hi Jackie

    Thank you very much for your kind words. Actually the Malaga airport bus stop is still in the same place, just outside the main arrivals hall to the right. The main arrivals hall opens out into a big noisy tunnel where all the taxis are waiting. I say this because with all the changes at the airport, some of the Easyjet flights are arriving at the old terminal and when you come out of this terminal, you walk into the open air. If this happens to you, turn left and walk diagonally across the bus park to your left, into the big tunnel and you will see the bus stop about 50 metres along.

    It is amazing what is happening at the terminal and how they are keeping the traffic flowing. When I first came to Malaga on holiday in 1979 our friend who met us was able to walk out of the arrivals building and across the runway to where we were coming down the steps from our plane!

    I will get a proper contact page back up very soon.

    Thanks again Jackie, have a great visit.


  20. hi there – I have a query about traveling by bus from Gibraltar to Marbella in a day. I understand that I must get a bus from La Linea which will take me to Marbella bus station, but was wondering whether you could advise me as to how to get from the main bus station to the coast and some of the best beaches in Marbella – whether it is walking distance, or whether I need to catch another bus. Similarily, I may also visit Estepona and would appreciate if you knew the situation with the buses and proximity to the beaches.

    thanks for all the advice and timetables and etc on your website – extremely useful!


  21. Hi Mike… Thanks for all the info you have on your web site. It has been very helpful. I have one query though! In a previous question regarding the actual location of the bus stop at Malaga Airport for Marbella Bus Station, you said that it was only where it was temporarily. Has this now changed? If so, where would I be able to find it now?

    Many Thanks,


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