Just in case you are wondering what I am doing in the rain on my bike, I have just started the Camino de Santiago. It also known as the Saint James Way across the north of Spain. I started in San Jean Pied de Port in France and together with my brother we cycled nearly 800kms to Santiago de Compostela.

I got to my starting point, Saint Jean Pied de Port on the AVE, Spain’s high speed train to Madrid. Then I took the train to Pamplona. From Pamplona Then I took the bus from Pamplona bus station over the Pyrenees to my starting point in France.

You see me here on  the climb up from Sant Jean Pied de Port in France to Roncesvalles in Spain on our first day.  Our first stop was at the Posada de Roncesvalles. There was a great buzz and tired as we were  after climbing 1200m over 26kms it felt good to be on our way.  It rained on and off for the first 10 days and then we had brilliant sun for our arrival in Santiago de Compostela.

I got back three days ago and now this afternoon I am setting off to do another five days biking on the Via de la Plata starting in Monasterio north of Seville with my daughter and friends. We started this route last September.

So when I get back I’ll get the Via de la Plata blog up to date and then write about my experiences on the Camino de Santiago or Camino Francés as it’s also called.

I haven’t mentioned it before but I did 6 days trekking in Patagonia in Argentina in January and I’ll be writing about that too. Thank you very much for your patience in waiting for replies on  Gomarbella blog and Facebook. I’ll be back in business from 24th May onwards. Must go and pack a puncture repair outfit. Where are my cycle clips? See you soon. Mike


  1. Hi Mary, thank you for writing in. I have just checked on the online booking site on Gomarbella and got the reply that we can't check dates more than six months ahead. I am quite sure that there will be at least one service if not two during October. It's in the very cold months during January and February when the service is stopped. During the summer months there are up to four services a day between Pamplona bus station and Saint Jean Pied de Port. Thank you for reminding me of that day climbing the Pyrenees. Would you like to check back with me after say, the end of May? Best wishes Mary and good luck with your preparations.

  2. Hi Mike,
    Will the Pamplona.- St Jean Pied de Port bus be running on the 24th October. We hope to be returning from Roncevalles on this day, at the end of our Dax to Roncevalles stage of oyr Camino.
    Thank you.


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