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Malaga Airport (Aeropuerto) train station

The Malaga Airport train station is one of the most used stops connecting the Maria Zambrano main train station in Malaga and Fuengirola train station at the end of the C1 (Cercanias 1) line. Remember with trains running in both directions  every 20 minutes you are not in a hurry. Collect your luggage,  check your messages while you have a cold beer just outside the Arrivals Hall and then stroll 100 metres to the train station.

From Fuengirola to Malaga airport the C1 (Cercanias)  train  runs overground all the way until it approaches the airport. There it dips into the underground train station which just in front of the main T3 terminal building.  It then runs overground again until dipping underground just before the Maria Zambrando main train station in Málaga. If you are taking the AVE to Madrid simply walk upstairs or take the lift and you will be right in front of the AVE departure platform

Buy your tickets at the automatic ticket dispenser machines at the train station or from the ticket office next to the platform access gates on the left of the picture.

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Pushing a pram or arriving in a wheel chair? There is a lift down to the platform and I suggest wheelchair travellers or pram pushers  position themselves in the centre of the platform. In the centre of each train is a carriage with special wheel chair access. There is one intermediate point at Los Boliches train stop with a lift for easy wheelchair access and of course both the Fuengirola and Malaga main train stations at each end of the C1 line have lifts between the platforms and ground level.

It’s a 34 minute train ride from Fuengirola train station to the Malaga airport train station and 8 minute ride from the airport station to the Maria Zambrano train station.  The C1 trains really are fantastic value, not expensive and they are clean and well maintained with music and air conditioning in the summer.  Electronic boards in each carriage indicate the next station.

The trains are busy in summer. My recommendation is that you don’t take your eyes off your baggage for a moment especially while passengers are getting off and onto the train.  The aisles in each carriage  are wide so you can keep your baggage with you. I would rather remind you nowthan have someone get off the train with one of your suitcases.  My wife puts her hand firmly on her suitcases and glares at anyone who comes near. Be careful of jostling if the train is crowded and put your passports away out of sight before getting on the train.  I give this travel advice to all Gomarbella travellers on buses or trains.