On our way to Seville or the Algarve we pass Jerez Airport three of four times a year. We flew out of Jerez Airport in Cadiz with Ryanair in the early days of low cost flying. As you park your car the smell of the pinetrees around the airport comes flooding in. Jerez de la Frontera, Cadíz city and the Atlantic ocean are all just minutes away.

We used to pick up a €0.01 ticket to Stanstead airport with Ryanair. The drive through the lush rolling cork oak covered mountains more than compensated for the extra hour spent on the road from Marbella. €

On our last trip to London a girl approached us in the check in queue in Jeréz Airport. She was a rep for Terravison which operates the Stansted Airport to London coach service. Seconds later we had a return bus ticket into London.

A couple of years ago we flew back into Jerez airport in Cadíz. Putting our suitcases into the car we heard the snarling of Formula One engines. They were at the F1 test track just over the Sevilla road. Three euros later we were watching Fernando Alonso and Michael Schumacher testing their cars on the winding high speed circuit.

Driving back from Seville or our favourite holiday spot on the Algarve, the road passes under the flight path approach to the airport. We’ll be overtaken by the evening Ryanair flights into Jerez airport in Cadíz. At that stage we have about 90 minutes left of our journey back to Marbella.

Getting back to the Costa del Sol needs some concentration. If you heard for the Cadíz Sevilla road, then Cadíz Algeciras, then Algeciras, then Los Barrios, you can’t go wrong. Watch out for the speed trap camera outside the fifth tunnel on the way back to the coast.

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