We took off from Seville airport on Ryanair at 2.15pm last Friday and landed an hour later at Marrakesh airport in Morroco 2.15pm. This gave us an extra hour to find our way to the little village of Auorir just outside Agadir, 3 hours down the new motorway.
I rented a car for the trip through the Gomarbella Cartrawler car hire and rental booking engine. The total cost for the 3 days rental from Marrakesh Airport was €103.67. This works out at only €31 euros per day, a lot cheaper than if I had taken our car across from Spain to Morroco on the ferry and driven all the way down to Agadir. Instead we had driven to Seville and left the car in the Seville Airport Parking
When I booked the car I took the Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) insurance offered during the car hire booking process. Three days cover cost me €16.50 and gave me the freedom to decide later if I wanted additional cover or not when I collected the hire car at my destination.
Let me remind you of one thing. The Gomarbella car hire booking engine will advise you when  take out the collision damage waiver extra cover that you´ll have to produce a credit card with enough credit on it to cover the the amount covered by the Collision Damage Waiver and/or Theft Waiver fees. I phoned the Location Auto offices in Marrakesh a couple of days before we flew to check the amount that would be blocked off during my three day car rental. I was told in good English that I would need to have approximately €900 euros credit on my card.
My wife and I make a great travelling team.  She queued for dirhams at the bank next to the baggage retrieval belts and I went through into the main arrivals hall to find our Location Auto representatives. I guessed from my excellent hire car booking rate that they wouldn’t have an office in the main building.  Sure enough there were Brahim and Abdechahid waiting for me in front of the other Marrakesh Airport hire car offices with a sign reading “Michael Drury”. You’ll see them in the photo above completing the car hire contract formalities. This was done outside in the car park.
Our red Kia Picante was waiting for us in the main parking area, We checked on the car’s exterior, minor scratches are not noted but a tiny notch in the windscreen (I wouldn’t have noticed it) and a deeper scratch on the rear bumper were registered on the contract form. I was shown that the spare tyre and lifting jack were in place. The tank was full of petrol and I was asked to return it full.
Of the @103.67 Marrakesh three day car rental fee, I had paid €24.58 when I booked so I paid the balance of €79.09 on a very fast portable Visa machine. Brahim then blocked 10 000 dirhams on my card for which I signed. This was made up of 5000 dirhams for CDW and 5000 Theft Waiver and was the €909 dirhams I mentioned earlier. If there had been a problem, Location Auto would have had immediate access to funds and Mondial Assistance would have repaid me later. If you have spare credit on your card, this option is a lot cheaper than being pressured into taking out additional insurance through your car rental company. I didn’t need to take out any additional cover at the airport. I should mention I my card was unblocked almost immediately when I returned the car.
By the time we left the aiport it was 3.30pm and we had a 3 hour journey to get to Agadir and take the ring road around it during daylight.

The car was in good condition and started at a touch. We needed water for the journey so we followed a “fixer” who seemed to have some association with Location Auto as he guided us out of Marrakesh Airport on his moped to a small grocery shop where we bought water. He then pointed us on our way to the N8 towards the coast and Agadir. Getting out of Marrakesh airport onto the new motorway was one thing, getting back to Marrakesh airport on our own was another story!

Back in Spain our own car was lovely and cool despite the summer heat. We had left it in the covered airport parking at Sevilla airport. Our TomTom took us back through Ronda. It had been a long day travelling and we were pleased to be home.

BTW!  I’ve been following Location Car Hire comments over on the Tripadvisor page for some years. Not everyone is happy with the company. But if you do book with Gomarbella and get Location Car Hire and have any questions before you go, I’ll be very pleased to answer them and if necessary contact Location Car Hire in Marrakesh for you before you fly.  It’s also useful to remember that collecting a car hire in Marrakesh is not the same as signing for a rental car at Gatwick airport.

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Tap into my 40 years of experience of living in Marbella when you ask your question on Gomarbella. I love travelling and enjoy helping others finding their way round Spain or moving here. Travelling, keeping fit, eating well, mountain biking, staying in touch worldwide with my family and friends and of course helping Gomarbella users are what drive me every day. Get in touch, no question too small to answer!


  1. Hi Philip, thanks very much for your feedback, I'm glad everything worked out OK.

    Funnily enough, just earlier this evening I was talking with my wife about how everything is left to the last minute in Spain. I mean we have lived here since 1979, nearly 32 years but we still talk about it! Everything works out in the end but it needs a lot of understanding.

    You seem to have handled it all very well and I'm sure your experience is going to help a lot of other travellers to be more laid back about bus timetables…

    Happy Christmas Philip and thanks very much for letting me know what happened.


  2. Thank you very much for your answer.Yes Wi will have a car, I think it's necessary, but it would be nice to have other possibilities.
    The address where we are living is difficult to find and I think that the address you found is not the right one.I had the same problem my self.The best address to write at Googlemap, that can show apprx. where it is is: Calle de los Pozos, Mijas, España.Our house is a bit southeast from this point.
    So maybe it would be another stop or even another bus?
    Thank you very much for your help, I'm studying spanish but at this moment it would still be difficult to ask at the busstation….
    The time of day when it would be useful I guess, is schoolstart in the mornings and the end of the school day.
    We are really looking forward to a better weather, here it doesn't stop snowing and we have -15 degrees C!
    Kind regards and Merry Christmas!

  3. Hi Elisabeth

    Thanks very much for writing in and remember to pack your umbrellas when you come down in January.

    I checked on Urb La Sierrezuela on Google maps and the nearest bus to your area I could find is the service that links the bus station in the centre of Fuengirola to El Corte Inglés which is still a little way from you. The good thing is that from El Corte Inglés it goes very directly to the centre.

    You would still need to get into a car to get to one of the stops along this route from your home.

    The Fuengirola bus station is right next to the Fuengirola train station and from there it is a four minute ride to Los Boliches train station which is then only a short walk to the Swedish school, but still on the other side of Fuengirola from where you will live. Trains leave every 30 minutes. If you Google "Fuengirola train station" you'll get my page.

    This still only gives you a very rough guide because I am not familiar with local bus movements in Fuengirola but I can certainly phone and find out if there are buses near your urbanisation. Will you have a car to start with?

    I was in Los Boliches just last night, my dance group had a show. I've been going to tango and salsa classes in Fuengirola from Marbella for the last few months and my wife does line dancing at the same time there also.

    I hope this helps you a little and if you can tell me approximately what time of day you would be moving across Fuengirola I'll try to get more exact information.

    Best wishes from Marbella Elisabeth and thanks again for writing in. Good luck with your packing and Christmas preparations. Mike

    PS: It's a lot warmer down here than the rest of Europe right now!

  4. Hallo Mike
    We are moving to Fuengirola after New Year. We have been there before but we don't know anything about buses and transportations.Our house is in Urbanizacion La Sierrezuela in the north of Fuengirola.I think their address is Calle de las Rosas.
    Is there a bus stop anywhere in these surroundings and a bus that takes you to the citycenter or beach?Or preferably to the Swedish school close to Los Bolishes? I know that the transportations are not so good but it's allways worth asking….
    thank you for your blog and
    Merry Christmas!

  5. Hi Philip, Yes, I think you are right not to be wanting to walk around after dark more than you can help it in Algeciras. Staying in La Linea overnight actuallz makes it a lot quicker to get to Algeciras in the morning.

    One easy way to get across to Algeciras is to take a taxi from La Linea to the Algeciras bus station. Allow 20 minutes for the taxi journey at that time of the morning.

    If there is any way of booking your bus journey to Malaga the day before by phone, you could get to Algeciras bus station a little closer to the departure time because there could be a queue of people waiting for tickets if only one ticket office is open.

    I hope this helps you. I´m writing to you from Germany right now, back tomorrow so please write back with any other questions.

    Thanks very much for writing in Philip, best wishes (from snowy Essen). Mike

  6. Hi Mike – cant see any contact box on the blog! Think something odd is up with your carhire engine – as per previous comment when you hit confirm nothing is happening! Server down? my email address: [email protected] – I'm concerned as to whether any charges have been processed as I've received nothing by way of email.

  7. What a nice message to find just before I close down this evening! Thank YOU for writing back.

    I guess part of the reason I write on Gomarbella is that each blog is really a mini adventure. I never really know who might be reading it or what their reaction might be. I have to guess at what might be useful. So to know for certain it has helped you, makes it all the more worthwhile for me.

    You have made my day!

    More best wishes from Marbella and hope to hear from you again.


  8. Thank you very much for writing back to me so soon! You seem like such a nice person.

    The web page will be very helpful to me, I appreciate you linking it. And also great thanks for calling the taxi company – I didn't dare to myself.

    I will make sure to ask you if I come to think of anything else. It's heart warming to come in contact with such a kind person like you seem to be. THANKS ALOT!!!

  9. Hi and thank you for your appreciation!

    Yes, I am afraid you are right about the last bus out of Estepona to Marbella leaving at 23.00.
    I have just phoned the Estepona taxi company and if you travel from the centre of Estepona to the centre of Marbella before 10pm (which you probably won't do) the normal day fare is €39.80. If you come back after 10pm at night or travel on a Saturday, day or night, the fare is €46.00 .

    Maybe you could party all night and come back the next day to save the taxi money…

    I hope that helps you, thanks again for writing in and especially all the way from Sweden, let me know if I can help at all with any other ideas!

    Best wishes from Marbella


  10. Hi! Thank you for an amazing blog. I am just wondering if there are any night buses going from Estepona to Marbella? I cant find any on the Internet, it says that the latest leaves by 23.00. That can't be correct can ìt?

    Greeting from Sweden

  11. Thank you very much for your kind comment, it is much appreciated. I found it to be a lovely little airport, it reminded me of Faro airport on the Algarve.

    I was impressed by how well the money exchange machines worked in Morocco. You slide a Euro note into the machine and it dispenses dirhams with a receipt at the official rate of exchange.

    For last minute shopping, the Marrakesh departure area has a shopping area decked out as a souk, complete with carpets and herbs and anything else you might need as a reminder of your stay.

    Many thanks again for writing in, best wishes from Marbella.



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