You can see the Marina Rio Hotel in Lagos through the rigging of yachts in the Lagos marina last weekend. This was our second stay of many visits to the very friendly family owned hotel on the banks of the Bensafrim River. I can recommend it strongly. It takes a comfortable four and a half hours by car from Marbella to Lagos on the Algarve.

We took a chance on escaping the seemingly continuous rain that had been falling all February in Spain. Sure enough as we crossed the Centenary Bridge over the Guadiana river separating Spain from France in the afternoon the clouds cleared and the sun came out. As we drove westwards into the setting sun I put my sunglasses on for the first time since the  year before.

 Check in at the Marina Rio hotel is a simple process and we were given room 201 on the corner of the building. With a parking place right outside the hotel on the pavement it was easy to ferry the bags from the car up to the room. You can see our room on the second floor on the left corner of the hotel building with a great view towards the sea. The marina is right in front and the Saturday morning market is right next to the hotel.  
Internet access is better in some rooms than others but there is a strong wi-fi signal on the ground floor. The Hotel Marina Rio serves an excellent breakfast. Our room rate including breakfast was €61 per day including VAT. When we checked out the total was exactly what we expected, nothing more and nothing less. 
Address and contact details for the Marina Rio hotel are:
Marina Rio Hotel
Av. dos Descobrimentos
Apartado 388
8600 645 Lagos, Portugal
Tel: +351 282 780 830
Fax: +351 282 780 839
If you are arriving by bus, the Marina Rios hotel is  just in front of the Lagos bus station.  We travel on the Algarve frequently. Don’t hesitate to ask for any travel information over on the Gomarbella Travel Page.  
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  1. I replied to Adrian and followed up the problem he described. It was explained to from the Cartrawler offices in Ireland that it was due to a problem with the car hire rental servers. It lasted about 24 hours. I have never had the problem before and haven't had it since. Thank you very much Adrian for writing to me and for your persistence with the gomarbella car rental booking.

  2. Hi! Trying to book car hire through, but having hit the confirm button nothing happens – is your server down? Please mail me back! cheers.

  3. Hi Bev

    Thank you very much for your kind words.

    Yes, the train to Fuengirola from Malaga airport is the first leg of your journey. Trains leave at 17 and 47 minutes past each hour so there is no need to hurry after collecting your suitcases.

    When you get to Fuengirola train station, the bus station is only 200 metres away. Take the first bus available to Marbella. In August at midday they will be leaving every 30 minutes so no need to hurry here either. Buy your ticket at the ticket office at Fuengirola bus station and ask for the Riviera del Sol bus stop.

    Take care of your belongings, cases, passports and possessions on the train and at the train station. In summer there are always lots of people travelling so personal space is much less and when you get jostled, that's when you lose your valuables.

    If you google the Riviera del Sol bus stop in the search box on this page, you will get a full description of where you will be getting off.

    I phoned the Aztec Country Club to check the distance from the bus stop. It is about 10 minutes pulling a suitcase, slightly uphill. You could take a taxi for this last short leg from the taxi rank right next to the main road. It is a very short ride in a taxi and the minimum fare of about 5 euros applies.

    Valerie who was on duty at the Aztec Country Club was very helpful and told me that they have a pick up service from the roundabout next to the bus stop on Saturdays and Sundays. She was going to check if it will be operating on your arrival day which is a Monday. You could always phone the number below to check when you arrive.

    Here are the contact details:

    Aztec Country Club Address and Telephone:

    Aztec Country Club
    Calle Libra s/n
    Urb Riviera del Sol
    29649 Mijas Costa
    Málaga Spain

    Tel: +34 95 293 3626

    If all your connections work out OK and you pull your suitcase for the last short distance or get picked up, you can get from Malaga airport to Fuengirola and on to the Riviera del Sol bus stop for less than 10 euros each.

    I hope this helps, best wishes for your travelling and stay Bev.


  4. Hi Mike,

    I think your blog is great. Iam not sure if this is the correct way to contact you but here goes…

    We are coming to spain on the 16th August 2010. We are renting a apartment in the aztec country club mijas costa. We are flying into malaga airport mid day and have decided to get the train to fuengirola from the airport. The questions I have are as follows:

    1) What bus would we get from Fuengirola bus stop to Aztec Country club?
    2) Is the nearest bus stop very far?
    3) how much would it cost we are on a very tight budget so every little counts.

    Thank you Bev.

  5. Hi Oscar

    I hope you have a great time with your friends, those are the best holidays.

    Yes, you are absolutely right with your travel plans. The Malaga airport to Marbella bus uses the inland toll road and so overshoots Cabopino by about 15kms.

    At Marbella bus station you then change to the Fuengirola bus which takes the coastal CN340 road back towards Malaga and will drop you at Cabopino.

    Malaga airport to Marbella bus station is 45 minutes allow 30 minutes to change buses and then it's not more than 25 minutes before you are getting off at Cabopino. A lot cheaper than a taxi and you might meet some interesting people (just like yourself) along the way.

    Have a brilliant holiday Oscar and thanks again for writing in.

    Best wishes from Marbella



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