Hanna wrote in to ask; “Going from Utrera to Marbella on a weekday. How is the easiest way to go? Do we need to go first to Sevilla and travel from there? Thanks!”

I wrote back: ” Hi Hanna, I checked with the Portillo bus company in Malaga and the girl told me you would need to go into Sevilla. You will need to go to the Estación de Autobuses Prado de San Sebastian in Sevilla because all the buses to the south of Andalucia leave from there.

Check through on the Gomarbella Travel Page on theMarbella Bus Schedules to find the timetable of buses from Marbella bus station to Sevilla. It also shows you the time of the buses returning to Marbella from Sevilla. The most comfortable one for you will be at 4pm. Try to get there a little earlier to buy your ticket and reserve your seat.

The Prado de San Sebastian bus station has real style and the restaurant is a great place to have a coffee or go to the loo before you set off. I was there checking out a route just two weeks ago.  

PS: Hannah you can now do online bus ticket reservations through the Gomarbella reservation system.


  1. Hi,
    We arrive @ 23:00 from Lisbon
    and need to catch a bus in the morning to Algonadales then on to Zahara via taxi.
    I would like to book a hotel
    near the bus station.
    Any suggestions. Obviously we need 24 hour desk for such late arrival.
    Also can I buy the bus tickets in advance online?

  2. We are arriving on 23:00 flight from Lisbon and need bus to Algonadales the next morning.
    Do you know of hotel near the bus terminal.
    It would need 24 hour desk due to our late arrival.

  3. Hi Martha, thanks very much for checking in to Gomarbella. Your hostal is across on the other side of the old city centre from the Prado de San Sebastian bus station but very easy to get to using the C4 bus service.

    From Avda de El Cid and Avda Menendez Pelayo next to the bus station take the C3 bus running clockwise round the old town. It's great value at only €1.30 (2011)

    From memory there's a stop in Avda Torneo which runs parallel to the river, very close to Jesus del Gran Poder. Ask the driver or any passenger to tell you when you are close to Jesus del Gran Poder which opens onto Avda Torneo. From there you will only have to walk four blocks.

    Go to Google.co.uk Maps and type in Jesus del Gran Poder 113, Seville and you will see where your hostel is. If you look southwards you'll see a big green open space, Jardines del Prado de San Sebastian, your bus station is right next to the gardens. The C3 bus connects them both very neatly.

    I hope this helps you Martha, have a great stay. I'll be in Seville again at the end of September. I'm walking the first week of the Via de Plata from Seville northwards with my daughter who is coming in from Germany.

    Best wishes from Marbella


  4. Hi, was just wondering whereabouts Prado San Sebastien bus station is in relation to Jesus del Gran poder 113 (HostelOne Sevilla Alamada). No worries if you do not know this just thought it was worth checking to see if its close. Thanks alot, Martha

  5. Hi Teresa, thanks very much for writing in. You can book your bus ticket in advance online with gomarbella.
    Put Granada as your destination and Sevilla as your origin and choose the date you want to travel. Print your booking confirmation or just make a note of the reservation number. It's as easy as that.

    Please let me know how the booking process goes. I hope you have a good journey, the countryside will be lovely and green after all the rains.

    Best wishes from Marbella and thanks again for writing Teresa.



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