The entrance to the Prado del San Sebastian Bus Station in Sevilla looks like the entrance to an art gallery. It’s actually the bus ticket sales area.  You’ll see the different bus companies ticket offices around the large room. Built back in 1941 it has a very homely feel to it and is still my favourite bus station. As you step in from the heat of Seville in July and August the high ceilings give you immediate relief. 

The Estación de Autobuses del Prado de San Sebastian is an easy walk from the Giralda out of the old Jewish quarter in the Barrio de Santa Cruz and across the Jardines Reales Alcázares park. If you arrive on a hot summer’s day in Seville at the bus station my best advice is to take the tram from the TUSSAM transport interchange only 200m from the bus station and glide into the centre of Sevilla in comfort.

Why might you be using the Prado de San Sebastian bus station? If you’re on your way to the east or south of Sevilla, Cordoba, Jaen, Granada, Cadiz, Malaga, Marbella, Almería, Jerez de la Frontera or Marbella Bus station or even travelling as far as Barcelona, Murcia or Cartagena, you’ll be leaving from here. Use the Gomarbella online bus reservations for ease of booking.

Run your eyes over the destinations in Cadiz and time will slow right down. Even before you step on the bus you’ll taste the sherries of Jeréz, chilled white Barbadillo wines from the white sands of the Cadíz shoreline and the fresh Atlantic fish served in every restaurant..

Here is the address:

Prado de San Sebastian s/n 41005 Seville       
Tel: +34 954 417 111

From the TUSSAM transport interchange right next door you can pick up the tram to Plaza Nueva and the TUSSAM local buses in Seville to central and outlying suburbs. From Avda de El Cid and Avda Menendez Pelayo next to the bus station you have the C3 Interior circular bus route running clockwise round the El Arenal and Santa Cruz districts and the C4 running anticlockwise round the same area. Both of these routes pass the Santa Justa train station in Sevilla. They are great value at only €2.30

The Sevilla Airport bus starts at the Prado del San Sebastian bus station before connecting with the Santa Justa  train station  bus stop. . If you are coming into Sevilla from Seville Airport and need to get to the Plaza de Armas bus station to travel on to Portugal, get off at Prado de San Sebastian bus station and then take the C3 circular bus around to Plaza de Armas.

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