It looks like property sales and real estate in general is making a come back to the Costa del Sol.  This is great news for Marbella and all the businesses that depend on the industry; real estate agents (of course) interior designers, curtain makers, cleaners, restaurants..  the list goes on! We are pleased to help you find a real estate agent in Marbella for your next property. 

Thanks to Solobanus Real Estate for the photo of the striking Marbella villa seen above.

When property starts to sell in Marbella hundreds of small real estate agencies start up. Many of these are experienced property agents but of course in today’s ‘Can’t be too careful world’ the question is, “Who to Trust?”

Having lived on the Costa del Sol for over 20 years we have a number of friends who we would be happy to recommend. Real estate agents to trust,  who will listen to your needs and help you buy the right property at the right price.

Interior of Marbella villa
Striking interior of a Marbella Villa on sale with Solobanus Real Estate.

Give Solobanus Real Estate a call, have a chat, discuss your needs and let us know what you think!


  1. Hi Rhona, yes, on the local buses pushchairs are fine. Of course you have to keep the aisle clear but when it comes to small children and their needs, the other passengers will be very accommodating. On the long distance buses as you said there is a 'bodega' for suitcases, bikes and larger items, but not on the local buses. It'll be up to you to get the push chair onto the bus. I hope you have very pleasant outings with the grandchildren. Ours live in London but come out as often as they can. They are now 9 and 6. It seems like yesterday that I was trying to fit a pushchair into the car boot at the airport. Thank you very much for writing in Rhona. Best wishes Mike

  2. Hi my daughter lives in Estepona with two small children and whilst she drives I prefer the bus when I visit. I have never seen a pushchair on a bus and wondered if this is allowed? If so where does the pushchair go? Some of the longer distance buses seem to have under the bus storage for cases etc and I guess you could put it in there but the local buses for eg to San Pedro don't seem to have this facility Indeed when I travel from La Linea to Estepona I often have to wedge my case in between seats there is no designated luggage space
    Hoping you can advise please as I would like to take my granddaughters out for the day
    Many thanks


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