We flew to Morocco for the weekend last Friday morning leaving from Sevilla Airport.  I checked distances and times to the airport in Sevilla on my TomTom. Sevilla airport is exactly 265kms or 2 hours 27 minutes from Marbella.
We were flying Ryanair from Seville airport leaving the car in the airport parking. Our first destination was Marrakesh airport. Then we were taking a hire car from Marrakesh Airport to drive about 200 kms down the new motorway south to a little village outside Agadir.  or course we booked our hire car in Morroco through the Gomarbella booking engine. 
Our route to Seville Airport took us through the Cadíz province on the Los Barrios road. It’s slightly longer distancewise than going through Ronda but it´s faster and much easier driving. I love the drive through Cadiz through the cork oaks and the rock covered hills. It still reminds me of the granite kopjes in Rhodesia where I was born and grew up.
You’ll see in the photo above that the airport has a great covered parking area. It’s ideal for leaving a car during the hot Sevilla summers.
If I had been flying on my own and had more time, I would have left the car on the outskirts of Sevilla. Then I would have taken the Sevilla Airport bus which runs frequently every day between the city and the airport.  My wife however likes to arrive in style.  At the other end of the short one hour journey south we picked up our Location Car Hire car at Marrakesh airport.

For the four days we were away, leaving  the car in the covered parking from Friday 12am to Monday 16.45. worked out at just over €60. I did find out that there is a low cost longer term parking solution very near the airport. I’ll try it out next time we fly from Seville airport.


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