I had a weekend free and travelled down to  Agadir on the Atlantic coast in Morocco. We drove from Marbella to Seville Airport and flew down to Marrakesh with Ryan air hiring a car at the airport and then driving down to Agadir, 3 hours further south. I was visiting my nephew who is living down there in a little village just to the north of Agadir called Auorir.

When I mentioned I wanted to take back a fossil for my grandson, Jonathan told me about a small fossil finding and restoration industry 20 minutes inland from Auorir. We set off up a winding road following a dry valley river bed into the foothills of the High Atlas mountains, once undersea until thrust upwards and now a rich source of marine fossils.

It was getting dark so we stopped short of the fossil village at a cavelike roadside shop about 20 minutes inland from the sea. The shop owner Aguelif Hassan was a patient and skilled salesman. He explained the origins and history of the different fossils that we were peering at, sometimes referring us to photographs and texts in a magazine. Some of his fossils he explained were not genuine, showing us the difference. I settled for an impressive black ridged beetle like fossil, about 5cms long, still stuck to the rock in which it was found. It was the shell of a trilobite, about 350 million years old according to the magazine.

It seems to be a common fossil and turns up in quite a few books. It was an immediate hit when it could be identified in one of the books my grandson has. I’ve since found out that the trilobite would shed five or six of these shells during its life.

Aguelif told me our trilobite was genuine. I believed him but whether it is or it isn’t, it has given my grandson enormous satisfaction and a great new interest. He now wants to discover fossils for himself so we are looking for sites in the UK where we can have a fossil discovery holiday.

I liked Aguelif’s style, he is knowledgeable and has a wide range of fossils.

Here are his address and contact details:

Fossils in Morocco
Aguelif Hassan
Atelier Rue d’IMMOUZER
Dour ALMA AUORIR – Agadir

Email: [email protected]

Mobile: + 212 660 478 977

Mobile: + 212 662 666 937

Happy trilobite fossil hunting in Morocco!

PS Update my grandson is 14 now and still has the fossil on his window sill!

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