You find me on a wet and windy street in Santiago de Compostela last month, September 2015 with my wife Angela and elder daughter Shayne. Shayne and I had just finished the Via de la Plata from Sevilla, a 1000km walk and ride pilgrims’ route ending in Santiago de Compostela. We started our  long journey  together back in May 2011 so it’s taken us four years and a lot of planning and coordination to get  us there. I can now say I know the east side of Spain really well!  It was a fantastic father and daughter experience. Really memorable I can really recommend it.

Most pilgrims do the Camino Francés, made famous in the film ‘The Way.’ That’s just over 900kms across the top of Spain, starting in Saint Jean Pied de Port over the Pyrenees in France and finishing in Santiago de Compostela. I’ve done that as well.

It might seem strange but from experience I’ve found that sometimes the hardest part of a journey is getting to the start line and that’s why I’m always pleased to help Gomarbella pilgrims to get from Pamplona bus station in Spain to Saint Jean Pied de Port to start their Camino. Thinking of doing it? What are you waiting for? You’ll find expert travel advice right here on these pages.

For any online bus reservations on the major routes in Portugal, Spain and France, check in on the Gomarbella online bus reservations page.


  1. Hi Carol, glad you are both able to fly again. Your flight gets in at 22.00 and the next airport bus to Marbella is at 23.45. Here's a link to copy and paste into your browser. Look for Salidas desde Aeropuerto. Cost around €8.00 each. I suggest getting your luggage unhurriedly and waiting for tha bus. You can have a drink outside Arrivals at a bar right next to the airport bus stop. The bus takes 43 minutes to get to Marbella. From the Marbella bus station take a taxi to you hotel. I'm not sure which Golf hotel it is but it shouldn't be more than €15 at that time of night. The whole journey should work out around €32 which is less than a taxi all the way. have a look at if you would like to book your tickets online in advance. After 8pm at the airport you have to buy your tickets on the bus. Please feel free to write back on the blog with any questions. Best wishes Carol. Mike

  2. Hi mike I wrote to you a while ago about transport help from malaga airport to nueva andulucia but hadn't finalis ed details as my partner had just been given ok to fly after heart surgery but we have our flights booked on 26th of Sept arriving at malaga airport at 22.00 what would be be the cheapest way to get to hotel delgolf any help would be great and appreciated many thanks your help is so valuable to everyone like myself who isn't a frequent visitor


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